Advertise Your Rental Property

We are now offering full page insertions on this website for only 50 euros per annum. You supply the words and photographs for your advertisement and we will publish them.

How it Works

1) Click on the 'Advertise Your Property' box at the bottom of the page. You will be re-directed to one of our other websites to safeguard your privacy and to prevent spam email.

2) On the email form tell us your requirements and we will respond as soon as possible.

3) When you receive a reply,  go to the payment page and choose the option you would like - Advertising Payment or Update Payment if you are an existing customer and want to change your advertisement. Click the pay now button.

4) You will receive confirmation of your payment. (If you prefer to pay by cash or cheque, you will find our company address and payment details on our Payment page).

5) When you have received confirmation of your payment, email your advertisement, including text and photographs to us in a zipped file. (If you don't know how to do this, please contact us and we will assist).

The information you send should include comprehensive details of your property, including your rental price. If you do not want to display the price, you can display POA (price on application)

6) Your advertisement will be then be queued for approval. This will normally take around 1-2 days. Any unsuitable or objectionable advertisements will not be published.

7) Once approved, your ad will be published within 3 days of our approved date.


How Much Does This Cost and What Do I Get?

We believe in Clear Pricing Policies with NO hidden costs. The cost for a full year (365 days) of advertising is 50 euros.

You will be allocated a full webpage for your advertisement. The maximum limit for your advertisement is 500 words and 15 photos. We will also optimise your web page for indexing by the major search engines. To prevent slow loading times of web pages, you photos photos will be resized approximately as follows:

Main photograph - 450 pixels wide

Other photographs - 250 pixels wide


Are there any other costs?

The only other cost you may incur is the cost of advertisement updates. There is no cost if you leave your advertisement unchanged after publishing. However, If you do want to make a change, we charge a small administration fee of 10 euros.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) For how long will my ad be displayed?

A) Your ad will be displayed for a period of 1 year (365 days).

Q) Can I cancel my ad at any time?

A) Yes, but we cannot give refunds once your ad has been published.

Q) If I rent a property through you, do I pay any commission?

A) No, you only pay us for the adverting space on this website

Q) Can I change my advert at any time?

A) Yes, but this will incur an extra charge of 10 euros to cover the extra administration costs.

Q) How long do I need to wait before my ad is published?

A) You can expect your ad to be published within 4-5 days after your payment has been processed and verified.

Q) Why can't I have my ad published immediately after payment?

A) Before your ad is published, your zipped file will be checked for viruses, adware and malware to ensure our website integrity. It will also be checked for any unsuitable or objectionable material. Once we are satisfied, we will perform a basic spelling and grammar check before publishing.

Q) What if I don't want a spelling or grammar check?

A) This service is free but if you do not wish to take advantage of it, please add NOCHECK to your application.

Q) Can I advertise using another language other than English?

A) No. At present we have no facility for this.

Q) Will my ad be written in English (UK) or English (US)?

A) Since we operate a UK Limited Company, generally advertisements will be in English (UK). However you can request English (US) if required. If you are a platinum customer, we will try wherever possible to keep your advertisement in context. For example, if you are from the US or prefer to use English (US), we will use color and not colour, etc.

Q) Who will see my advertisement?

A) This website is a top level .com domain, so visitors from around the world visit this website.

Q) How may visitors to your website will see my advertisement?

A) The number of visitors that will see your advertisement is dependent on many factors. For business reasons we cannot divulge the methods used for search engine optimisation. Using the Alexa toolbar will give you a rough guide to the popularity of a website.

Q) How often will my ad be displayed?

A) We use 1&1(put in link) hosting for this website, who guarantee a 99%(check this) uptime. This means that this website is available 24/7 , 365 day per year. Your ad will always be available during this period. How often it is seen by our visitors will depend very much on the visitors interests. In general, a full page optimised insertion will attract more visitors than a half page advertisement.

Q) Who do my customers pay?

A) Your customers pay you directly or anyone you have appointed to act on your behalf. We act only as your agent to advertise your rental property on this website. We have no direct relationship with your customers. This safeguards both you and your customers privacy.

Q) How do my customers pay?

A) That is for you to decide. How or how much you are paid is your private affairs. As your agent, we only provide the email address or telephone number you have given us so that prospective customers can contact you. Unlike many companies, we do not keep records of our clients customers.

Q) Why are your advertising costs so low?

A) We are a small family business and have much lower overheads than larger companies.

Q) Will your prices rise in the future?

A) Like any business, inflation and other factors will determine the cost of our packages in the future.

Q) Do you take commission for any property rentals?

A) No. Whatever you earn in rental income is entirely yours.

Q) Are there any other charges?

A) Provided that you do not wish to make changes to your published ad, there will be no further charges. If you do, there will be an additional charge of 10 euros per update. For example, if you want to update one or more of your photos or change your some of your ad wording at a later date, you must first pay a small administration fee of 10 euros. Please do not abuse this because it is a very time consuming process for our staff.

Q) Are there any hidden costs?

A) No. The amount you pay is for a complete year of advertising. There are no extra or hidden costs.

Advantages of using our system to advertise

1) Low cost - Your payment guarantees that your ad will be shown for a full year. That's  365 days of advertising. We'll even include the extra day when it's a leap year.

2) No commission fee - The amount you pay is for a complete year of advertising. There are no hidden costs or recurring charges.

3) Free spell check and simple grammar error correction.

4) Easy Payment Options - Payment can be made with any credit or debit card. Alternatively, cash  or cheques can be sent directly to our office. The address and contact number is available on the Payment page.

4) Payment Security - Online payments are processed via a secure server. Any payments you make online will be completely secure. We do not record any of your bank account details. This is handled by our partner PayPal. 

5) Privacy - The privacy of our clients is very important to us. Any information you give us will never be shared with any third party.




Advertise Your Property

Low Cost - No Commission!

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