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Konakli Holiday Rentals

Once known as Telatiye, Konakli is now a fast growing holiday resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey known as the Turkish Riviera.

Konakli and much of the surrounding area is flat with no steep hills to climb. This makes the resort an ideal location for people with walking difficulties.

Every Wednesday, the holiday resort of Konakli is host to the popular Konakli outdoor market. The market is right on your doorstep making it easy to buy gifts and presents without the need for any transportation. Just make sure that you have enough room in your suitcase for the many bargains you will find. With the huge range of fresh fruit and vegetables available, it is also a great opportunity to get your weekly shopping at knockdown prices.


Local Information For Konakli, Turkey

Konakli is a 90 minute drive by car or coach from Antalya airport and a 15 minute drive from the city of Alanya.

Shops in Konakli     Shops in Konakli     Shops in Konakli

As well as the many shops, restaurants and bars, there is a local doctor, post office, bank, bakery, Turkish bath (hamam), bus station, taxi ranks, internet cafes and much more.


La Vida restaurant     Bakery in Konakli     Hamam

There are several green  areas close to the main shops. Often neglected in other towns, the green areas here have been well thought out and beautifully integrated into  Konakli town. You can take a break from shopping or  just sit back and relax in the sunshine and watch the world go by.


Green area with seating     Green area with fountain


Every Wednesday and all year round, the popular Konakli outdoor market will cater for some of your shopping needs. There are advantages of being so close to Konakli market. Heavy or bulky items can be put aside for collection later. In general the Turkish market traders are very helpful and will often deliver the items for you.


Konakli Outdoor Market     An inside view of  Konakli market

Buyers Tip - Embrace the help and friendliness of the local people and their customs and you need carry nothing heavier than a purse or wallet.

Recent additions to Konakli include a children's play area and a large shopping centre.

Children's Playground     Shopping Centre


Konakli is an all year round year resort. Although the climate is cooler in the winter months, with regular  flights to Antalya, a winter break is worth considering.

Not as busy as summer months, winter gives Konakli a special charm.  Local shops and businesses seem more attuned to residents needs and the Wednesday market shows a more subtle face.

With no daily maid services or early wake up calls to disturb a relaxed mood, this private apartment gives you the freedom to do more of what you want when you want.

If you like to relax on holiday, try not to get stressed or irritated with minor problems before your holiday begins. Give your mind and body a break from worrying about the 80% of things that never happen. Visit Konakli.

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